About Us:

Bank Up, incorporated in 1998, provides comprehensive accounts payable automation and remittance processing solutions to clients nationwide that process between 500 and 200,000 transactions per month. Bank Up brings large client processing capabilities and a high level of customer service and support to mid-sized clients, processing in aggregate approximately ten million transactions annually.


Since its inception, Bank Up has provided item processing and disaster recovery solutions to financial institutions. As financial institutions evolved to an image-based item processing environment, in 2007 Bank Up began offering electronic remote deposit capture solutions to those customers. In 2010, Bank Up acquired the remittance processing assets of Omega Systems from Open Solutions, Inc., a FiServ company. The acquisition of Omega provided Bank Up with the software platform, FLEXRPS, the technical support team that manages the development and implementation of the software, and an extensive national client base of FLEXRPS users. FLEXRPS has been proven in operations nationwide since 2002, as it has been continually maintained, supported and upgraded by Omega and Bank Up employees. In 2011, Bank Up implemented the FLEXRPS platform in its Northern California Regional Processing Center. In 2014 Bank Up deployed Optical Character Recognition software that automatically and intelligently captures data from invoices without requiring templates, a technology developed for very large applications, and newly optimized for small and mid-sized companies.

Software Developer and User

As owner of the FLEX Remittance Processing System, Bank Up develops and maintains the software in addition to configuring, installing and supporting it. Since Bank Up utilizes the same FLEX system in our own processing operations, our operating and technical staff are intimately familiar with processing operations and with FLEX. This allows us to combine proven system capabilities, extensive processing experience, technical expertise, and commitment to high quality, responsive customer service from dedicated individuals.

Customer Base

Bank Up serves mid-sized customers nationwide, providing outsourced and on-premises processing solutions. Customers processing volumes range from 1,000 to 200,000 per month. Customers include utilities, municipalities, insurance companies, financial institutions, health care providers, and universities.

Service Commitment

Since our early days providing critical disaster recovery services to financial institutions, Bank Up has performed vital services for institutions held to the highest financial standards. Bank Up deploys regional technical staff in addition to offering remote electronic access to customers’ systems in order to rapidly resolve any questions or issues. Bank Up is committed to flawless, timely implementations followed by excellent ongoing customer service and technical support.




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