Invoice Scan & Data Capture

Bank Up receives and scans invoices, converts images to data, and integrates with customers’ accounting and workflow systems. Bank Up serves small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and public entities that receive 250 – 10,000+ invoices per month.


How it works:

Suppliers send paper or email invoices to us

We open, scan, and capture data

We upload data and images to customers

Same day processing


The problems we solve:

Without automation, the average cost to process an invoice is $20

Opening mail and email, and entering invoice data is one of the most time consuming, tedious tasks most companies face


Benefits of Bank Up’s Invoice Scan & Data Capture Solution:

No capital expenditures

Bank Up invoice scan and data capture saves significant costs by:

Eliminating paper

Increasing accuracy

Accelerating processing

Reducing labor

Bank Up emphasizes excellent customer service


Accounts Payable Automation




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